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(In 2017, Sharon Kucia was featured in an article for Legatus Magazine. Below is the feature on Sharon - for the full article, please visit

(March 1, 2017 - Legatus Magazine)

Sharon Kucia began her career after college doing consulting work for nonprofits, specializing in the philanthropy and development field. In 2001, she randomly answered an ad for a faithbased consulting firm in Dallas. “The consultant group was mostly Protestant, but they wanted a Catholic group,” said Kucia. This led her on the road to using her business skills to help build the Catholic Church. Kucia joined Legatus’ Savannah Chapter in 2013 and helped found the Charlotte Chapter in 2016, where she served as founding president.

Legatus founder Tom Monaghan presents Eric and Sharon Kucia with Legatus’ AMBY Award on June 30, 2016, for founding the Charlotte Chapter of Legatus

Today, Kucia works for another consulting firm — The Pelican Group — which only works with Catholic organizations. She serves as executive vice president and president of the company’s Mission Advancement Services division. “The Pelican Group is a specialty services firm dedicated to helping Catholic organizations optimize the acquisition and stewardship of their financial resources,” she explained. “The Mission Advancement Services division is responsible for conducting capital campaigns and major gift initiatives — as well as providing development counsel for dioceses, schools, parishes, and other Catholic organizations. Typically, with any client we help solve a problem, not necessarily sell a service. “For some groups, we just help them with fundraising. With others, we help them manage their funds. We help dioceses restructure their school systems. With a lot of dioceses, we help them with long-term solutions.” For example, Kucia recently worked with an archdiocese to raise $123 million for various projects. “They wanted to raise money primarily for parishes and education,” she explained. “They were in the middle of closing and merging parishes. Kucia said she loves that she is able to use her business skills to help build the Church. “All of our people have managerial and development experience — and they have a heart for the Church,” she said. “Our people bring the knowledge and skill set that typically complement the existing staff of the organization. I am truly blessed to work with the Church. Every day we start our meetings with prayer. I really can integrate my faith and my work.”



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